Frequently Asked Questions

- Are the tutors in your academy all Native speakers?

– Answer: Yes, all of our tutors are Arabic native speakers.

- What are the working hours during the day in your academy?

– Answer: We are available for 24/7.

- Should we pay in advance or at the end of the month?

– Answer: The payment must be in advance for one, three, six, or twelve months.

- What is the teaching plan for kids as a new student?

– Answer: We start with teaching Nouraniah and practicing the recitation of the Quran from the thirty Juza (Juza ama).

- How long it should take to finish hifz Al Quran according to your academy hifz program?

 – Answer: It should take three to five years depending on the student’s ability of hifz.

Are you issuing IJAZAH in reading?
yes ,but the student must be a high level in tajweed and almost perfect reciter. However he, she can attend 3to6 months ijazah preparation course to be eligible for ijazah right after that.