Allah the Almighty said:

“ إن ْهوَ إلَّا وحيٌ يُوحَي ”

It is not but a revelation revealed

(An-najm.. verse 4)

Welcome to our Quran journey

Prophet Muhammad saw said;

The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it

Our team: Certified tutors, Native Arabic speakers, Hufaz with Ijazat, High Sanad and Qiraat as well. They are all well-experienced.

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاتة
Welcome to Wahy Al Quran online Academy. It will be exciting to start this new trip and share our experience in teaching the Quran. We accomplish this by practicing, understanding the aspects, and reviewing all the rules that are related to the Holy Book: Al Quran.

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Hifz, Reading, Tajweed

Wahy Al Quran is offering online Quran Hifz and reading with tajweed. You will learn Tajweed and memorize the holy Quran through the easiest way possible.


We are offering islamic courses such as tafseer,fikh,akidah,Azkar,and more. which include various of daily activities. These Include , Islamic stories, Hadith.for all level and boys,girls and ladies.

Ijazat & Qiraat

If you are in the advanced level of reading, you can start your Ijazah in reading. If you have completed your hifz, you can start your Ijazah in hifz. If you have Ijazah in Hafs, you can start with other Qiraat one by one.


Arabic courses are from beginers up to level five.Contact us to check your level with our free assesment .Our classes are arranged for ladies and kids. Join our Arabic classes to be able to speak and write the language of the Quran. Book your free trial and join us.

Different Courses based on your needs



We are offering the Nouraniah classes for learning the basics of the Arabic letters and connecting the quranic words. Also it teaches the beginners especially, the non Arab speakers, the methods and the exits of each letter, and the difference between the sounds of the Arabic vowels (Harakat).

Beginner Reading

This level needs to work with one of our teachers by following her reading which will be focusing on how the student should pronounce the letters correctly, and joining the quranic words in the correct way. Also the teacher will be focusing on the timings of all the gunan and moudood.

Advanced Reading

In this level, the student will complete one full reading with the teacher, following her notes and focusing on all the tajweed rules step-by-step until the end; reading the entire Quran at a very good level of Tilawah.


This program is for the high level reciters, who will be  able to focus on hifz and review without having troubles with their tajweed and tilawah.

Advanced Hifz

 In this level, the student will have large amounts of hifz every class, revision and assessments from time to time. This is to make the hifz strong. Then she or he can join competitions or revision groups.


Beginner Reading

This program is for helping the new reciters read the Quran correctly. We use many professional ways to guide the students by using Nouraniah and following the teacher. We also use photos and videos in order to assist the students' learning.

Advanced Reading

At this level, the student should be able to read the entire Quran at least once with one of our professional tutors without repeating after her and with proper tajweed and tilawah.

Ijazah (Reading)

The program of Ijazah(Reading) is only available for the highest level of reciters. It’s for giving the sanad of Hafs An Asem in reading only. Some assessments are required before accepting the student for the ijazah program.


This program is to provide advanced reciters with the opportunity to start or complete their hifz with us. We have very special hifz plans for all the levels of Huffaz.


This program is for Alhofaz ( those who have completed their Quran hifz fully). The student will follow the teacher's reviewing schedule based on the student's availability. 

Ijazah (Hifz)

The program of Ijazah (Hifz) is only available for the advanced level of  Hufaz. It’s for giving the sanad of Hafs An Asem (with Hifz). Some assessments are required before accepting the student for the ijazah (Hifz) program.


This program is available only for the advanced level of reciters and Huffaz. Having the Quran completely memorized is required. Holding Sanad (ijazah) in Hafs An Asem is required, otherwise the student must start with hifz ijazah, then choose another Qiraah.

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