Our Academy

{Prophet Muhammad saw said" The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it}

Current programs


We are offering the Nouraniah classes for learning the basics of the Arabic letters and connecting the quranic words and sentences. Also it teaches the beginners especially, the non Arabic speakers, the methods and exits of each letter, and the difference between the sounds of the Arabic vowels (Harakat). After the student is done with Nouraniah he/she becomes able to read the Quranic letters, the words and the sentences of the Ayat fluently.

In this level, the student will be following the tutor’s recitation by repeating and focusing on the pronunciations of the letters, and joining the quranic words correctly. After a few months, the student will be able to move on to the next level which is reading the entire Quran in the advanced reading program.  

In this level, the student will read the entire  Quran once with the tutor by following the instructions and focusing on the tajweed rules. At the end of this program, the student will be at an advanced level in which he/she can prepare for the hifz program.

This program is for the high level reciters, who are ready to focus on hifz , but it is not recommended for the improper tajweed reciters. Every class, the teacher will provide a new amount of hifz, listen to part of the old hifz as a review, and schedule some hifz assessments from time to time.

The student will have large amounts of hifz every class, revision and assessments from time to time. Mutashabihat and other materials will be given. The student will also be involved in competitions and revision groups in order to make the student eligible for the Ijazah Hifz program.


This program is for helping the new reciters read correctly. We use many professional ways to guide the students by using Nouraniah and  following the teacher’s recitation. We also use materials such as photos and videos in order to assist the student’s learning. Additionally, they will practice the difference between the Harkat and the mudood. We do our best to instill an excellent base in our students to ensure that in few months they will be able to read perfectly, without help.

In this level, the student should be able to read the entire Quran at least once with one of our professional teachers. The teacher will be listening, fixing the mistakes and showing some rules of tajweed by scholars through their books/ videos. After finishing this course, the student should be accepted in the Ijaza Reading program.

The program of Ijazah (reading) is running for the higher level of reciters. It’s for giving the sanad of Hafs An Asem in reading only. Some assessments are required before accepting the student for ijazah program. There is no specific age is required, but perfection in telawah and proper tajweed is needed. 

This program is for giving advanced reciters the opportunity to start or complete their hifz with us. Also, they are given some rules of moutshabihat and feedback on their tajweed mistakes. The teacher can arrange some hifz assessments in order to give the student a good chance to review all the hifz.

This program is for Alhofaz (those who have completed their full Quran hifz). The student will follow the teacher’s reviewing schedule as much as she can. The staring surah of the revision should be from the weakest in hifz. The teacher could listen to all of the revision, or she can provide quizzes from here and there to ensure the student has reviewed it perfectly. The teacher may provide some moutshabihat and assessments from time to time.

The program of Ijazah (Hifz) is only available for the advanced level of reciters and Hufaz. It’s for giving the sanad of Hafs An Asem (with Hifz). Some assessments are required before accepting the student for the Ijazah (Hifz) program. There is no specific age required, but having the Quran completely memorized is mandatory with proper tajweed and telawah. 

This program is running for the highest level of  reciters in hifz and telawah. Holding Sanad (ijazah) in Hafs An Asem is required, otherwise the student must start with hafs ijazah, then choose another Qiraah. We are offering the ten Qiraat by Ifrad (means one by one), the teacher will aid the students by providing the rules and the book materials online. Also, the teacher will provide some training with the student before starting the sanad of the qiraat. This program is only with hifz. No specific age is required.